Major beliefs of Sikhism

Sikhism Resources:

This is the sacred book, the Adi Granth.


God is one and creator, resulting in the ik om kar symbol. Sikhism forbids the representation of God in images and the worship of idols.

Karma and Reincarnation:

Sikhism retains the general Hindu conception of the universe and the doctrine of samsara, or rebirth, based on karma. Human birth is the only chance to escape samsara and attain salvation.

Baptism: Knows as Amrit, Baptism is a sacred and important part of Sikh life. A Baptized Sikh remains focused on its way to be One with God.

Life after Death: Sikhism has a belief in reincarnation. Heaven and hell do exist. Good deeds will be rewarded in heaven and bad deeds will be punished in hell.  We will take birth again and again until we attain salvation by becoming One with God.

Salvation: Salvation can only be attained by meditation of God.

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